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The Jumper

Here is a pic of the jumper I bought last week. When I put it on the hanger I couldn't get it to hang straight. Closer examination revealed that one arm is longer than the other, it is not an optical illusion. Since I have short arms and would need to partially unpick the sleeves anyway, in order to make them the right length for me, it is not a big deal. I won't have time to do that before I go away, so I will just turn them up for the time being.

Sep. 12th, 2010

I have finally booked my trip to Sydney. YAY!!! Booking the flights on line was a convoluted process. I had browsed the cheap flights available and decided to travel with Jetstar. The first time I started the booking process it went fine up to a point, then Safari suddenly quit. I started again, but came to a halt as I started to fill in the online form. They required a contact phone no. in Sydney. I had to exit and go to the Hotel's web site to get that. Third time I got to the point of instructing them to confirm payment, then... they disappeared off the screen again!. So, I thought, I will ring them. I hung on listening to a recorded message for 15 minutes, and then gave up in total disgust. Started the process with Virgin, with whom I had a nightmare trip when I was returning from Melbourne 2 years ago. This time they did not have cheap flights available at the time I had planned to go, so I changed my arrangements to fit in with flights on offer. I would have like to have had an extra 2 days, but it couldn't be managed. So with all the agonising over choosing a travel date which was astrologically suitable I ended up with the universe deciding the best date, not me. All this was made extremely difficult as Les hung around telling me he was anxious to know what the fares would cost, until in extreme irritation I told him I couldn't possible tell him until I completed the booking process, which I was trying to do while he kept talking.

Booking the hotel I left until the following day, when he had gone out. I am going straight to my friends in the Blue Mountains after I arrive and will go in to Sydney on Monday 27th Sep. staying one night at the Devere Hotel in Potts Point, where we have stayed now on several occasions. On the Tuesday I will go to Les' sister, leaving my case at the hotel and taking just a change of clothes. I will have 2 nights and 1 day there, and then 2 nights back at the hotel before departure. My main interest in Sydney is to go to the Art Gallery of NSW if I can manage it. I also have friends I hope to catch up with while I have the opportunity. There are lots of other things I would like to cram into the time if I can manage it, like going out to Bondi, which I will try to do by bus, since the train is such a challenge. I would also like to go to David Jones, just for old times sake.

For anyone who is interested, the Devere Hotel usually has some half price rooms available for advance bookings. This time I am spending 1 night in the 'backpacker's special', a rather small single room with ensuite-$69. When you book online you also have the option of getting the buffet breakfast for half price as well. The other 2 nights I will be in a similar room, but with views of the harbour - $79. The breakfast is normally $26 per head. It is very good value, and at $13 even more so. The smallness of the room won't matter as I don't plan to spend much time in it, except to sleep. Last time Les and I went together they upgraded us to a superior room, which was very nice.

After watching 'Catalyst' the other night, which was about brain shrinkage in old age, and that Vitamin B improves the situation I bought a large bottle when I was shopping. Perhaps it will reduce the number of 'senior moments'.

Suddenly all the clothes I have bought are screaming for alterations. I'm going to work out what I absolutely need to take and concentrate on those. I was on my way to Woolworths on Friday to do the weekly shopping when I suddenly had a strong feeling there was something in St. Vinnie's shop I should look at. I went in and found a handknitted jumper in my size, and a wearable colour, given my complexion. It is a fussy style, but will keep me warm, and is nice and light, and only cost $6. Rowan told me to bring warm clothes for the Blue Mountains stay. I might post a pic tomorrow.

A sunset earlier this week.

Aug. 12th, 2010

Lately I seem to have had no time to post. I will just try to remember the highlights of the week, if you could call them that. Last week I had an appointment with my GP, which I somehow managed to overlook. The fact that Les answered the phone and told the caller that there was no 'Celia Brady' at our address, and they had the wrong number was not helpful. It was the surgery making a reminder call. Sheila is my first name, and so whenever I go for a medical appointment my alter ego attends. Very confusing. Anyway, I managed to get another apointment for last Tuesday. All my blood tests were satisfactory; I'm not sure why as I have been sneaking some blue vein Brie on crackers lately. My Vitamin D levels were a bit low so I am now taking Vitamin D, and feeling a bit better for it. I have also been prescribed Panadol Osteo, and I'm feeling a LOT better for that. I can actually move around without being in pain, and I'm sleeping better. I can even cook without my back screaming. I also asked my GP about support stockings, since the ones I bought from the hosiery shop were not suitable. She said there are some that come midway up the thigh, and have soft tops. On my way home I went to the chemist to have my scripts made up, bought the Vitamin D supplement and asked about support stockings. They thought they might have had some in stock, but found that it was not the case. I now have to measure my calf and thigh when I first get up in the morning, and let them know the measurements so they can order one stocking in for me. Price: about $90 for one! Nick had called in with materials to finish the shed, and had told me he would be back Wednesday.

Yesterday I had another appointment to adjust the volume of my hearing aids. Where Tuesday had been a lovely spring day, with the sun shining and a temp of 15C it was a very different situation yesterday. Torrents of rain and a gale force wind behind it, and very cold. Obviously not a day to work on the shed! My appointment was in the late afternoon so I was able to potter in the morning. I fnally went in to town on the 3pm bus. The lady bus driver was exalting as she is dependent on tank water and was anticipating a bath. Upon reaching town I worked out a route that would take me through a shopping arcade, anything to get out of the rain. Yes, I bought another T shirt! Finally reached my objective in a sodden state, but it was nice and warm and dry inside, so I didn't mind waiting. This time the volume was bumped up quite a lot, which is encouraging, and I am hearing better. I knew I needed it as we had friends visit on Sunday and I couldn't hear much of the conversation.

When I came out into the street again the temperature had dropped, and the wind was fierce. After my umbrella had blown inside out twice, I decided I was not going to stand around in the rain waiting for a bus, and caught a cab home instead. That was definitely the best decision. We had 80,000mls yesterday, which almost set a new record.

On Tuesday I noticed a building near the waterfront had been fitted with wind vanes, which generate enough electricity to power the building and put some into the grid. The vanes were turning slowly in the light breeze, and looked quite attractive in the sunshine. Yesterday in the gale two of them were damaged; it remains to be seen if they will be allowed to stay there since they could be a hazard to both traffic and pedestrians if they were toppled over. A good idea in the wrong place, it would seem. Wind power seems a good idea since it is something we have plenty of, here on this windy island.

Today our friend Doug came to take some of the timber lying around the back yard; it had been removed from the shed. He and his wife Lori will be glad of it as they are almost out of wood, and we are delighted to have it removed. A win/win situation.

The garden is sodden, but I'm sure the plants are grateful for the rain; I have been watering every few days, so I will be able to take a small break from that. Now that the garden is lovely and wet I will try to do some weeding; that will test the Panadol.

No photos for you today, but tomorrow I will try to get a few.

Jul. 2nd, 2010

This is a quick note for Zhenzi and Sidherian. I just Googled CWA and can give more info. The curfew applies to guests checking in. The desk is not manned after 10pm. Presumably though, if you were staying there you would have a key, and could come in later than that. If you are a member of CWA of NSW the rate for a single room is $40 per night. You can easily check the site for yourself - it includes photos.


Ignore that request. I just worked out how to turn rich text off.


Tasmanian elections

The Sunday paper said it all - Hung, Drawn and Thwarted. Labor 10 votes, Liberal 9, Greens 4, 2 undecided. I said to Les the previous night it would simplify things if we could vote for the Premier of our choice, who in this instance would have been the Green's leader. He outclassed the other two by a country mile. It would make for an interesting situation, if the Premier were not the leader of the party claiming the most votes. In fact, all of them would be obliged to pull together, and do the job that they have been elected for.

The 2 undecided votes will not be known for another fortnight, due to the very complicated method used in this state.

Happy Birthday, Rhodie-Lady

Here is a red rose for you.

May your garden be filled with many of them this spring and summer.

A little bit of colour for you

These plants are in my neighbour's garden. I plan to take cuttings of them, but haven't got round to it yet.



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